Our mission is to help prevent unwanted breeding, reduce the number of at-risk horses, and help improve the welfare of horses in Maryland


Gelding = Less Death


To reduce equine suffering and to improve the equine economy, Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue has launched Operation G.E.L.D. (gelding equals less death), the first gelding program of its kind in Maryland.

Operation G.E.L.D. makes gelding accessible and affordable for Maryland horse owners facing financial hardships.

The program covers the cost of the gelding procedure (up to $200) and directly compensates the veterinarian who performs the surgery.



Preventing unwanted breeding is the best method to decrease the unwanted horse problem, to reduce equine suffering, and to improve the equine economy.

Together we can reduce the number of horses at risk.


Why did we start Operation G.E.L.D.?


    There is rampant over-breeding, resulting in 150,000 unwanted horses annually


    Uncastrated horses are at an extreme disadvantage when needing to be sold or rehomed


    Existing gelding support programs require the owner to haul their horse to a clinic location which is inconvenient and costly

Horse auction

Here’s how Operation G.E.L.D. works:

  1. A veterinarian identifies a client with an intact stallion that is declining or not considering castration due to lack of financial resources. 

  2. The veterinarian offers the client to perform the castration utilizing the $200 Operation G.E.L.D. credit.  The client can be billed any additional associated costs if the $200 credit does not cover the entire procedure. 

  3. The veterinarian performs the procedure and submits a copy of the invoice or bill of the procedure to Operation G.E.L.D. through the website, by email, or by postal mail. 

  4. Compensation is submitted directly to the veterinarian by check within seven (7) business days upon receipt of the invoice or bill. 

There is no limit to the number of clients Operation G.E.L.D. can serve per veterinarian, and there is no limit to the number of castrations that can be performed on behalf of each client.

This program is available to stallions/colts of any breed and any age, but is limited to horses residing within the state of Maryland at this time.

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